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Everybody that I have met that works here is great! I’ve been to several doctors over the last few months, and I am actually scheduled to have eight-disc fusion surgery in June, but I have had 3 sessions with Shawn and he really knows the human body. He is aggressive in his treatment,  but he knows what he’s doing, and I am so glad that I started seeing him. Before I couldn’t even walk my dog to the mailbox without my sciatica really killing me, but today after my appointment with Shawn, I could walk to the mailbox without my leg bothering me at all.  So, then I walked another mile, which is big for me. Normally I can’t walk more than a couple hundred feet without my sciatica killing me because of the curve in my back. I’m glad I found these guys and I will continue my treatment with them.

Char C

Shawn at Fix Medical Group made my first chiropractic experience absolutely incredible. His approach completely put me at ease. During his analysis and information gathering portion of the appointment, his attention to detail was incredible. He listened, asked great questions and was able to draw some crucial additional pieces of information out of me that I didn’t think pertained (but they did). He made sure I understood what he thought the problem was and we are in the process of creating a game plan to fix it. I’m a 30yr old avid CrossFitter and hiker and have had chronic low back pain for years. After the first appointment, I felt the best I have felt in 10 years. I can’t wait to continue to work with Shawn and his team. I would give Shawn and Fix Medical 6 stars if I could. Great experience!! Definitely will go back.


I first learned about Dr. Shawn Robek, from Sue Falsone at a Perform Better Seminar. She highly recommended Dr Shawn and said he would be able to help. I had a total knee reconstruction of my left knee, all new ligaments. I was about a year out when we first met and I was in constant pain, with every step I took. I wasn’t able to flex my quad due to severe muscle atrophy and I thought I would never squat again.I just finished my 12th session with him and I’m squatting, lunging, jumping and walking with no pain! I worked really hard inside his gym and did the homework as he requested. We built a friendship that will last forever ! Thank you, Dr Shawn, for being you! May God continue to bless you and your business!

Scarlett Z

As an individual in the health care industry and having chronic issues with my neck and shoulder due to martial arts and 20 years of being a massage Therapist. I really appreciate the thoroughness of the adjustment I received.  They did not just do a cookie cutter job just going down the vertebra. They focused on the issue which is my neck and shoulder by looking at my posture and checking tension. Since I don’t have lower back issues, I didn’t have to have lower back adjustment. I was able to receive relief of tension in my Occipital area of my neck. The adjustment was not the usual fast jerk that I have received in the past. I strongly recommend this location if you want to go to the root of your problem areas that might affect your work or play time.

Sandra O

Dr Shawn and his staff showed true passion, caring and professionalism as they evaluated my particular issues. As an avid 69-year-old golfer, it’s especially important to me that Dr Shawn has treated amateurs like me, as well professional golfers, and understands the dynamics and stresses we put on our bodies. And just as important, he also offers a complete package to his patients to help detoxify the body, a nutrition program to regain vitality, and mentoring to keep a person on track to health, strength and flexibility.

Tom B

Dr Shawn Robek at Fix Medical Group is so in tune with what needed to be adjusted and addressed at my visit.  He was able to get me scheduled asap as I called last minute for a chiropractic adjustment.  He also gave me a few strengthening exercises to help me with my neck and back.  I feel so much better, thank you.  I would highly recommend Dr Robek and his practice.  Most trustworthy, professional and knowledgeable.

Michele M