Knee pain can keep you from living comfortably, pursuing your passions, and/or achieving the level of mobility needed to perform everyday activities. If you suffer from knee pain, you certainly are not alone. With many causes of pain and ways to aggravate knee conditions, the reason for your pain can be hard to pinpoint without the help of a professional.

Our team at FIX Medical Group has been fortunate enough to help countless patients with knee pain achieve greater mobility, perform at their highest level and get back to doing what they love. By listening to the patient, understanding their health goals, and treating every patient as an individual rather than using a cookie-cutter solution, we can create a plan using our mastery of both time-tested and innovative solutions to give them the best chance at recovery.



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Why is knee pain so pervasive?

There are several reasons knee pain is such a common complaint of our patients and of people all over the world.

The main reason the knees are such a problem area is the amount of stress they carry as part of any person’s everyday activities. The largest joint in the body, the knees are responsible for carrying your body weight, being able to contort to different positions hundreds of times per day, and also feel the highest impact of running and walking, especially in the athletic arena where they can be twisted in unnatural ways.

Another reason for the commonality of knee pain is the complexity of the knee. Aside from being a large joint with moving bones, the knee is home to the body’s most unique and stressed ligaments, tendons, and cartilage. Any issue with just one of these many parts can cause chronic and even debilitating pain, so it’s easy to see why knee pain is such a common ailment for people in any walk of life.

What are the common causes of knee pain?

The source of knee pain is sometimes difficult to pinpoint, and in others, it’s the direct result of an injury.

Many times, knee pain is the result of years of high stress on this complex area of the body. This can present itself as inflammation, resulting in tendonitis, or in arthritis.

In most other cases, knee pain can be the result of an injury, injuries, and/or repeated excess stress put on the knees through repetitive action. Torn ligaments, muscle strains, and bone bruises or fractures can all be a source of knee pain due to injury.

What are the treatments for knee pain?

At FIX Medical Group, we typically use several different methods to treat our patients with knee pain rather than just trying one technique. We can administer traditional treatments like physical and massage therapy, specific techniques such as dry needling or active release technology, and even new-age practices like ozone therapy and platelet-rich plasma injections to treat knee pain. Which treatments will depend on the patient’s conditions and overall health goals?

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