Hip pain can be the result of different issues and can affect people of all ages and walks of life. While more uncommon than knee or back pain, hip pain is often more severe and can limit a person’s mobility and ability to pursue their passions. At FIX Medical Group, we can take a holistic approach to dealing with chronic hip pain or helping you recover from a hip injury. Our team is well-versed in some of the most proven techniques for hip pain and also can apply state-of-the-art methods to give you the best chance of a speedy and permanent recovery.



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How is the hip joint structured?

The hip joint is the largest in your body, and while it is generally the most stable joint we have, it also is rather complex in nature and any issue with its components can cause pain.

Made from the intersection of the femur and the pelvis, the hip joint is a ball (top of the femur) and socket (pelvis) connection. This large joint is surrounded by muscles, cartilage, and ligaments which all work in tandem to support, encourage fluid movement, and hold the joint together.

When working properly, these components allow us to walk and the system can move together without friction or pain. When one of these areas is injured, inflamed, or otherwise defective, the entire joint can suffer.

What are the most common causes of hip pain?

Hip pain is generally the result of a long-term condition or a sudden injury.

Chronic hip pain can generally be attributed to arthritis, which causes inflammation in the joint. Arthritis can be treated after it is diagnosed and improvements to the symptoms of hip arthritis can be improved. If arthritis is ruled out and a patient is having constant pain which is not the result of a fall or trauma, issues such as dysplasia (an ill-fitting joint) or necrosis (lack of blood supply to the joint) can be the cause, although these generally are rarer.

If the hip pain is the result of an injury on the sports field, a car accident, or a fall, a dislocation or fracture is possible and can be treated. 

How is hip pain treated?

Hip pain can be treated in a variety of ways depending on the diagnosis. At FIX Medical Group, we pride ourselves on being active listeners to our patient’s symptoms, their overall health goals, and their levels of pain. Instead of creating a cookie-cutter solution for anyone with hip pain, we can create detailed health pain for each patient and use any number of our proven techniques to give them the best chance at recovery.

Specifically speaking to hip pain, traditional methods such as chiropractic care, physical therapy, and massage therapy can be all helpful, as can alternative techniques like dry needling and cupping. We also offer state-of-the-art treatments called PRP injections and/or ozone therapy for our clients, and we can pick the best combinations of all these techniques for your treatment.

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