When most people hear the word massage they immediately think of a spa and the chance to relax. While we also think a massage can be a great way to unwind, when done properly by a trained professional a massage can also offer wonderful health benefits and help a person overcome chronic pain or recover from an injury.

Our team at FIT Medical Group features massage professionals who can lend their services to any of our clients. When used in tandem with other services such as physical therapy, chiropractic care, and state-of-the-art techniques like K-Laser therapy, massage can work to solve many common ailments in a non-invasive way.




1.5 Hours






What health benefits can massage therapy help deliver?

Aside from providing a relaxing environment where the body can unwind and destress naturally, massage therapy can help you prevent injury, perform at a high level and improve your body’s circulation.

A professional massage therapist can address problem areas in your body and many clients report an immediate reduction in pain after their session is complete.

What conditions improve with massage therapy?

Many health conditions, common ailments, and recovery processes can be positively impacted through massage therapy. 

If you have an athletic injury or an injury as a result of overworking a muscle, massage therapy can work to reduce and break up scar tissue which can cause long-term pain.

Massage therapy can also be used to increase a person’s range of motion and speed up the recovery process because it increases blood flow to a problem area, which naturally helps the body heal faster and reduces inflammation.

What type of massage therapy might I need?

Our team at FIX Medical Group is well-versed in the massage techniques needed to facilitate healing and remove pain. There are several different massages that might help your specific situation, and your massage therapist might use one or many of them in combination with a full care plan to improve your condition.

Some of the most useful forms of massage include:

  • Trigger point massage, where a therapist can focus on removing muscle knots.
  • The active release technique, where areas of scar tissue are addressed and groups of tissues called adhesions are released leads to immediate pain relief.
  • Acupressure, where a therapist stimulates parts of the body that work in tandem to heal entire systems.

As well as many other forms of massage, including traditional methods and ones using the help of technological advances to give the patient a holistic treatment.

When should I consider sports massage therapy?

Massage can be very beneficial for athletes, and there are a large number of professionals who undergo routine massages to keep them performing at the highest level and to prevent injury.

Sports massage therapy should be considered for any athlete who has lingering pain, who wants to speed up recovery from an injury, and/or who wants to perform at their peak at all times.

If you think massage therapy can be beneficial for your health, give us a call or book an appointment online today.