When you have neck pain, performing even the simplest tasks can be a chore and you might be kept from doing what you love. Neck pain is a common occurrence for many people, and pain in the neck can affect the entire body if left unchecked. Whether it’s chronic pain, the result of an injury, or just an aggressive knot, neck pain can be treated naturally, and our team at FIX Medical Group has a successful track record of helping people overcome even the most severe pains in the neck area.



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What is the anatomy of the neck?

The neck is a unique area of the body because it must support the head, is at the top of the back/spine, and houses muscle and nerve groups that all work together to allow you to move and rotate your head.

Technically speaking, your neck includes the top part of your spine and the surrounding nerves, discs, muscles, and other tissues which support the head. The neck is also home to a vast network of nerves that send signals through your body.

What causes neck pain?

As you can imagine, since the neck is home to so many different components, there are many ways for issues to arise which can cause pain in the neck and the surrounding areas.

While neck pain can be the result of an injury such as whiplash, most neck pain is chronic and will continue to come back if left untreated.

Issues that occur at any part of the spine can plague the neck, such as slipped discs and even cracked vertebrae in the neck area. The muscles in the neck can also be strained, pulled, or even torn as a result of injury or overwork. Poor posture and a crooked neck from looking down for too long can also cause neck pain.

Since the neck houses a vast nervous system, nerve damage is another culprit for neck pain. Nerves can be pinched or irritated in the neck and if this occurs, the pain can spread to the rest of your body.

How is neck pain treated?

At FIX Medical Group, we treat any body pain naturally and holistically. While some medical professionals might suggest surgery for neck issues, and it’s warranted in rare cases, we have found natural medical treatment through minimally-invasive methods to produce good results and help people live pain-free.

There are many methods of neck treatment we offer, starting with tried and true methods of natural care such as physical and massage therapy and chiropractic care. This strategy of strengthening and relieving the pressure of muscles along with the aligning goals of chiropractics can quickly help neck issues subside.

We also offer targeted techniques like dry needling and active release, as well as state-of-the-art procedures such as ozone therapy and PRP injections to give our patients the best chance at a fast recovery and pain-free living.

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