Back pain can range from minor annoyance to debilitating, and there are many reasons for back pain to emerge in people of all ages. Whether it’s a chronic condition or the result of a specific injury, back pain can be treated effectively and at FIX Medical Group we employ an expert staff who is well-versed in the most successful treatment techniques. Our clients appreciate our approach because we use non-invasive methods to approach healing naturally rather than through medicine which only manages pain or through surgical procedures.



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How is the back structured?

Back pain is so common because of the important and often stressful role our back bones, muscles, discs, and more play in our everyday lives.

When someone refers to back pain, they can be referring to pain at the base of the neck all the way to the tailbone and anywhere between. The back is made up of your spine and the surrounding muscles, tissues, and nervous system which interacts with the rest of your body.

What are the primary causes of back pain?

Because the back is such a large and interconnected bodily system, there are many reasons for the pain to occur in the back. 

Chronic back issues can be the result of poor posture, muscle pulls, tears or strains, or even inflammation from a previous issue which can flare up from time to time. Many patients with regular back pain are surprised to learn it is the result of a previous injury that has likely healed, but the resulting scar tissue and/or inflammation can cause long-term pain.

Since the back is not only made up of muscles, ligaments, and other tissues but also involves a complex nervous system surrounded by discs, many issues are also the result of nerve damage or a pinched nerve.

How is back pain treated?

The treatment for back pain depends on the cause, but there are many proven ways to treat a back injury or chronic back pain.

Some medical professionals are quick to put their patients under the knife to perform surgical procedures and improve back pain through direct intervention, and while surgery is essential in rare cases, there are steps that can be taken through non- or minimally-invasive techniques which can produce similar results without the potential side effects of surgical intervention.

At FIX Medical Group, we specialize in a full catalog of these non-surgical treatment options and can use a combination of techniques to treat patients with back pain.

We have professionals on staff who are experts in time-tested methods of relieving back pain such as massage therapy, physical therapy, and chiropractic care. These non-invasive procedures can be performed with great success and can help our patients live pain-free.

In addition to traditional methods, we also employ advanced techniques like dry needling, active release, and spinal decompression therapy which can directly target problem areas and issues to provide instant relief.

If you have back pain and are ready to start living life pain-free, give us a call or set up a consultation online today.