At FIX Medical Group, we are dedicated to providing our patients with the most advanced and effective treatments available. High Energy Inductive Therapy (HEIT) offers a revolutionary approach to pain relief and recovery. This advanced treatment uses strong magnetic fields to stimulate nerves, muscles, and blood flow. The emFieldPro device can generate magnetic fields over 600 times more powerful than a standard magnet. This allows the field to penetrate deep into tissues and bones to activate healing responses.



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What is emFieldPro and How Does it Work?

The emFieldPro machine produces a 3 Tesla magnetic field for treatment. Tesla units measure the strength of a magnetic field. For comparison, an MRI machine uses a 1.5 or 3 Tesla field. The emFieldPro matches the power of an MRI device in a small treatment tool. This focused magnetic field targets tissues without needing to undress or use gels or pads. It directly interacts with electrochemistry and cell function. Treatment sessions typically run 10-20 minutes depending on the area addressed.

Who Can Benefit from emFieldPro Therapy?

Our medical team develops customized HEIT treatment regimens to meet each patient’s needs. We often recommend it alongside other therapies to maximize chronic pain relief and injury recovery. Specific uses include relaxing muscle spasms, preventing muscle loss from disuse, increasing blood flow, retraining muscles, and boosting range of motion. It also helps avoid blood clots after some surgeries by stimulating calf muscles.

What is Treatment Like?

HEIT sessions involve both static and dynamic techniques tailored to each patient’s pain points and target treatment areas. Static treatments use a large applicator. This applicator gets mounted on an adjustable arm and precisely positioned over trigger points. The practitioner then delivers a controlled magnetic field dose to the area. This lasts as little as 20-30 seconds per site.

Dynamic treatments utilize a medium-sized applicator that doesn’t directly touch the skin. The applicator gets passed over broader regions of pain or injury. Power levels adjust during treatment to penetrate tissues uniformly. This method allows flexible targeting of tissues that need stimulation.

What are the Benefits of Magnetic Field Therapy?

HEIT stands apart from other therapies because it painlessly interacts with deeper tissues without consumables or disrobing. The device produces no heat or vibration, only a strong magnetic field. Cells sense changes in magnetic fields naturally. So, the deep tissue effects feel gentle, not shocking or uncomfortable. The focused nature of the field also reduces off-target interactions. This improves results and reduces complications.

In addition, magnetic fields pass through the body without weakening. So, dosage gets controlled more precisely than topical treatments like ultrasound, heat, or electrical stimulation. Cells respond rapidly to magnetic therapy as well. This means positive changes start happening fast, not just weeks later. Faster recovery makes treatment more efficient and effective.

Unlocking Your Body’s Own Healing Capabilities

At its core, HEIT aims to reactivate and amplify your body’s natural healing abilities. All tissues and cells have innate repair mechanisms wired into them. Injury, overuse, or disease can overwhelm these processes and cause lingering dysfunction and pain. HEIT jumpstarts stalled healing through magnetic stimulation. It guides tissues back to health by supporting nervous system and blood vessel function from the inside. No pills or injections required. The remarkable power, precision, and depth of magnetic treatment lets the body retake control and finally begin mending itself properly once again. This allows for more complete and permanent recoveries.