Looking at the big picture of someone’s health rather than focusing on one specific issue can often help provide a complete understanding of their overall health, and can unlock more effective ways of treating their ailments.

At FIX Medical Group, we pride ourselves on helping people live life pain-free and we treat the body with natural, non-invasive methods. We offer a full catalog of services, including functional medicine, to give our patients the best chance at a speedy recovery.










What is functional medicine?

Functional medicine is a way of thinking about medical care and preventative measures which focuses on the entire body rather than just a problem area. One of the core beliefs of the practice of functional medicine is the body is made up of many systems which are all connected to one another. To understand an issue with one of these systems, you must understand which other parts interact with it and how the entire body works together to get to the root cause of the issue.

Functional medicine also takes into account a person’s mental state, their environment, and their daily habits such as diet and exercise to truly paint a complete picture of health, rather than just focusing on symptoms of an issue and basing treatment on a limited view. 

What does functional medicine treat?

If you are looking for a natural way to treat common ailments without surgical intervention and/or the need for medication, functional medicine might be right for you.

Chronic pain, health conditions, and more can be treated using functional medicine. At FIX Medical Group, we have helped people succeed with functional medicine when dealing with high blood pressure, mental health issues, pain as a result of inflammation (arthritis), chronic neck, back, or shoulder pain, and many more issues which plague our society today.

By proving a whole picture of health, functional medicine can be used to treat a wide array of these common issues.

What happens during a functional medicine evaluation?

At FIX Medical Group, we offer a customized solution for every client and a functional medicine evaluation is the first step to offering holistic care.

Not only will we perform physical tests and determine common allergens, check for diseases, and run lab tests when needed, we truly listen to the patient to understand their perspective.

Your health plan will be based on your goals. We don’t offer a cookie-cutter solution, and another fundamental belief of functional medicine states the patient should take an active role in their care. We work with you as a coach to help make a plan to improve your overall health and get you back to pursuing your passions without pain.

What are functional medicine treatments?

Functional medicine treatments are non-invasive and help the body heal in natural ways.

Treatments can include changes to your diet and lifestyle, the addition of natural supplements to give the body the nutrients it needs to thrive, customized meal and workout plans, and more methods that address the body as a whole.

If you want to heal naturally and achieve a higher level of health, give us a call or book your consultation online today.