As the body ages and changes, it can stop producing certain hormones which can cause discomfort and potential health issues. Hormone imbalance is common in men and women, and our team can help discover and treat hormone imbalance through proven and natural methods of healing.

Even though hormone replacement therapy has been in place for many years, there are questions surrounding its use and purpose. For people who might benefit from this treatment, there are many questions that are frequently asked, and we’re going to attempt to answer those today.

We offer hormone replacement therapy at FIX Medical Group along with other natural methods of healing, and we invite you to call or book a consultation online if we can help you further understand hormone replacement or any other services we offer. It’s our goal to create a complete health plan for each of our patients.




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What is hormone replacement therapy?

Many people suffer from hormone imbalances, and the goal of hormone replacement therapy is to correct these imbalances so these people can live comfortably and avoid potential health complications.

Used for many years to help women through the menopausal transition, hormone replacement therapy in this case helps ease discomfort and keep them from experiencing osteoporosis, which can happen when calcium levels are incorrect due to hormonal changes.

Hormone replacement therapy involves the use of synthetic or bioidentical estrogen and progesterone in women and can also involve testosterone in men.

Who can benefit from hormone replacement therapy?

Anyone with a hormone imbalance could be a candidate for hormone replacement therapy. While the signs of hormone imbalance in menopausal women are usually obvious, some people experience discomfort, confusion or frustration for years and don’t understand their issues stem from this imbalance.

This therapy is most popular in women during menopause, but people of almost any age can suffer from imbalances. Consulting with a medical professional can allow you to determine if hormone replacement therapy is right for your situation, and it should only be administered by a professional.

Is hormone replacement therapy the same for everyone?

It is our goal at FIX Medical Group to create a health plan which is unique for every patient’s needs, and when we perform hormone replacement therapy this goal remains intact. The method of administration, the types of hormones used, and the duration of treatment all vary depending on the patient’s needs.

Our group has a holistic approach to healing, so when our patients undergo hormone replacement therapy it is often in conjunction with other practices to improve their overall health.

Is hormone replacement therapy safe?

Hormone replacement therapy can be a complex treatment and should be administered by an experienced medical professional. If done correctly, hormone replacement therapy can provide relief and the risks are minimal.

When we pursue hormone replacement therapy with our patients, we always cover any potential risks in light of their overall health and their health goals. You will receive the proper amount of care and attention needed, and we will actively listen and answer any questions you might have.

If you feel hormone replacement can be beneficial to your well-being, please call us or schedule a consultation today.