At FIX Medical Group, our team specializes in using multiple techniques and proven medical methodologies to help our patients recover quickly and get back to pursuing their passions. While we offer traditional treatment like physical therapy and chiropractic care, we also use cutting-edge technology to give our patients the best chance to live pain-free.

One of the great technological advancements we employ in our facility is the K-Laser. This painless and non-invasive machine can accelerate healing and play a crucial role in a patient’s plan to help them live pain-free.




Included with Follow up treatment




Included with Follow up treatment


What is the K-Laser?

A K-Laser machine is a small device that emits infrared light in different wavelengths and frequencies directly into a patient’s body in the areas which are causing them pain. These lights are proven to signal the cells in the affected area to create adenosine triphosphate, also known as ATP. ATP is crucial to rebuilding damaged cells and is a naturally occurring source of energy within the body. 

Effective use of the K-Laser, along with the appropriate regimen of therapy for a given issue, can greatly decrease recovery times and help the body heal itself naturally. Our staff and patients almost always prefer the use of the K-Laser machine as opposed to medication or more invasive techniques because there are no known side effects and this treatment can be repeated as needed.

What conditions can the K-Laser treat?

K-Laser treatment is commonly used in pain management and injury recovery practices because of its ability to signal the body to produce healing energy. Commonly used to accelerate the healing of sports injuries, wounds, scar tissue, and more, K-Laser therapy can also help manage chronic issues as well because of its ability to reduce inflammation and stimulate the healing properties of the body. 

What should I expect during K-Laser treatment?

Some patients expect there to be pain or discomfort during the K-Laser treatment, but the entire process is actually pain-free, making it a viable option for the vast majority of our patients. The machine which emits the laser lights is very small and will be positioned in the correct areas by our professionals, who will explain in complete detail the role the K-Laser plays in recovery and how it will work together with your whole treatment plan to produce positive results.

The use of the K-Laser machine is almost always not done alone. Our team will work with you to devise a holistic approach to your healing with your health goals in mind, which typically includes several of the services we offer at FIX Medical Group. By using the best of both worlds when it comes to traditional techniques and state-of-the-art innovations like the K-Laser, our patients can be assured they are receiving the best care possible.

If you are suffering from a recent injury or chronic pain, give us a call or book an appointment online today to take back control of your health and live pain-free.