Chronic pain in the back, neck, shoulders, and other problem areas can be caused by muscle strain or knots. While some people experience muscle pain differently than others, if you have ever had severe muscle pain as the result of a knot then you understand how debilitating it can be.

At FIX Medical Group, we employ a number of proven techniques to treat various ailments of the body, including muscle pain. While typically used as part of a larger treatment plan, dry needling can be very effective at relieving the pain which accompanies muscle knots and tightness.




Included with Follow up treatment




Included with Follow up treatment


What is Dry Needling?

Dry needling is a proven method of relieving muscle pain that involves the placement of thin needles into place which affect your problem areas, known as trigger points. Dry needling is appropriate for many people with muscle pain and is often a preferred alternative to pain medication or other more invasive methods of treatment.

An advanced form of acupuncture, dry needling can be very effective when done properly and our team features some of the top dry needling experts in the area. Dry needling works because these trigger points force muscles to change, either by contracting or spasming, which can immediately relieve the pain of muscle tightness.

When might I need Dry Needling?

Our team always creates a custom health plan for every patient, and dry needling is often part of this plan when one or more of the following needs are present.

Relax Trigger Points

The main function of dry needling is to find trigger points, more commonly referred to as knots outside the medical community, and force them to contract. This method is proven to be successful the majority of the time and can provide instant relief for tight muscles in the back and neck especially, but in other areas of the body as well.

Relieve Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain

For people who have conditions of their muscles or other bodily systems which can cause chronic pain, dry needling can relieve their symptoms and provide greater comfort, mobility, and range of motion.

Treat Muscle Tightness

Muscles can become tight for a number of reasons, including the introduction of scar tissue to the area after an injury like whiplash. Because dry needling relaxes muscles naturally, it can provide instant relief to tight muscles regardless of the cause.

What should I expect during Dry Needling?

Many people are concerned about pain during the dry needling process, but there is actually very little pain during the procedure. The needles used are very thin, so there is little pain when they are inserted into the trigger points. During the procedure, muscles can spasm which can cause some discomfort, but nothing to be alarmed about. 

Many patients report immediate relief following dry needling, and it is a safe, non-invasive way to allow your body to heal itself.

If you have chronic muscle pain, give us a call or schedule an appointment online so we can help you live pain-free and have the freedom to pursue your passions.