Our team at FIX Medical Group is trained in getting you back to feeling great and doing the activities you love with no pain. We look at your care holistically and while we’re trained in traditional practices of healing like massage therapy and physical therapy, we also employ the latest technological advances to help our patients heal as quickly as possible. For people with muscle pain, joint issues, and/or seeking recovery from injury, one of these advances is known as ARPneuro treatment, and it can help speed up the healing process for many people.




Included with Follow up treatment




Included with Follow up treatment


What is ARPneuro?

The ARP in ARPneuro stands for Accelerated Recovery Performance. This technique is proven to help patients recover when used in tandem with other physical therapy practices, and it involves the use of low-voltage electrical shocks applied to the injured area. These shocks stimulate and strengthen the muscles, leading to faster recovery and less pain as the area becomes less inflamed due to the shocks.

While it might seem unorthodox on the surface, ARPneuro treatment is a non-invasive alternative to medication or surgery in some cases and can help the body heal itself naturally with the help of its unique muscle stimulation technique.

When would I need ARPneuro treatment?

Our team is focused on your care, and when we use ARPneuro treatment it’s typically part of a patient’s overall care plan including things like massage and physical therapy, chiropractic care, and other appropriate, non-invasive measures. No two patients are alike in our office, we listen to your concerns and always treat you with your overall health goals in mind.

ARPneuro is typically appropriate for people suffering from chronic pain such as frequent headaches, joint pain, and tendonitis, as well as those who are recovering from muscle and tissue injuries like strains and pulls. If our team feels ARPneuro could be beneficial in your situation, we will explain the entire process and add it to your care regimen only if you feel comfortable with the process.

What should I expect during ARPneuro treatments?

An ARPneuro machine is a small device that can be held in the palm of your hand, with wires attached to pads where the shocks will be administered. These shocks are low-voltage and are administered to the areas where your pain originates to stimulate your muscles and accelerate the healing process. 

The most common question we typically get about ARPneuro from first-time users of this technique is about the sensation and level of pain associated with ARPneuro. Generally, the pain is uncomfortable but bearable. The more severe your issue, the more pain you will feel during the treatment both because of the advanced pain of the injury and because more severe cases require a higher shock level.

Our team is experts in this technique, so we know exactly which areas to target for maximum results. While there will be some pain during treatment, our patients are often amazed at how quickly they see results and are free from their chronic pain due to ARPneuro.

If you need assistance with your chronic pain or want to recover from an injury as soon as possible, book an appointment online or give us a call today to get started.