Physical therapy can be beneficial for people with chronic pain, those who have diseases which inhibit mobility and/or people recovering from injuries or surgeries. Our team includes physical therapy professionals who use a holistic approach to health which allows our clients to get back to normal physical activity sooner.



What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy is often a healthy alternative to invasive medical procedures or pain medication treatments which uses exercises, stretches, and guided and hands-on treatment to help a person extend their range of motion. 

Our team makes it a priority to learn the health goals of our patients and we create specialized plans to reach those goals through natural methods.

Why do I need physical therapy?

Physical therapy is a great solution for people who want to try to heal their ailments naturally, especially when their range of motion or mobility has been limited by an accident, sports injury, disease, or surgical procedure. In addition to helping people regain mobility, physical therapy is also a way to free a person from chronic pain, or pain which resulted from one of the instances mentioned above.

Physical therapy is often recommended by physicians who perform surgeries or emergency room procedures after accidents, but it doesn’t have to be “prescribed.” If you feel physical therapy can help your situation, we’re willing to answer your questions and do our best to help.

How does physical therapy work?

Physical therapy uses a combination of techniques to heal a person naturally and reduce their pain while expanding their range of motion. Below, you will find some information on some of the most common methods used in physical therapy sessions.

Manual therapy

In our facility, our therapists can perform manual therapy by guiding a patient through stretches, and exercises and using hands-on techniques to facilitate the healing of tissues, an extension of motion, and strengthening of the body. Many techniques not only strengthen the affected area but complementary body parts which can take the strain off the problem area.


Home exercise program

It’s our goal to get you back to normal as soon as possible, so our team often recommends specific exercises and stretches which can be done at home to facilitate healing at a more rapid pace.

K-laser therapy

While traditional physical therapy methods can yield great results, our staff also uses the latest technology to help our patients heal as quickly as possible. We have a K-laser machine at our facility, which can be used to trigger cells to facilitate healing in the areas of your body which need repair.

Dry needling 

Some clients are initially hesitant to try dry needling, a technique where a needle is inserted into a “trigger point” to loosen the muscle, increase blood flow to the area and take away the pain, but after they feel the fast results they are much more receptive to this effective treatment.

If you have pain as a result of an accident, injury, or disease and are seeking a natural way to increase your range of motion and reduce pain, physical therapy can help. Call us or book an appointment online today to get started.