Many people who suffer from chronic pain or have had a recent accident or sports injury want a natural solution rather than going under the knife or beginning new forms of medication. If you find yourself in this situation or suffer from other common ailments, regenerative medicine could provide the minimally-invasive solution you are seeking. Our team at FIX Medical Group employs some of today’s most advanced regenerative medicine techniques as well as proven methods such as physical therapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy and more to craft custom health plans for each of our clients. Whether you need to take on chronic pain, get back to doing an activity you love or are recovering from an injury, our team can help.




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What is regenerative medicine?

Regenerative medicine is the practice of allowing the body to heal itself by introducing naturally occurring substances into problem areas. These methods seek to signal the body to produce new cells or repair existing ones, or they can help the body remove harmful substances.

Regenerative medicine is not a new idea, but advances have been made in recent years which have proven to be successful and now are being used widely in the medical community.

Many ideas are in place surrounding regenerative medicine, and there are still different applications that could prove successful in the future if trials proceed in a positive direction. Today, regenerative medicine is made up of a few proven procedures which allow the body to speed up the healing process and can benefit many people.

Who can benefit from regenerative medicine?

There are a few different types of regenerative medicine treatments that are widely used today, and these treatments can provide relief and healing for a wide range of ailments.

One of the main draws of regenerative medicine is its typically minimally-invasive trait, so people who want to avoid surgeries or medication can try regenerative medicine instead of going under the knife or risking potentially negative side effects, especially those surrounding pain medication.

In the next section, we’ll go over the treatments we offer and which people can benefit from the different types of regenerative medicine offered to our patients.

What types of regenerative medicine treatments are available?

FIX Medical Group offers two types of regenerative treatments: PRP injections and Ozone therapy.

PRP Injections

This type of treatment is a natural way to encourage healing in almost any part of the body. Platelets are found in your blood, and they signal the body to begin the healing process when it is injured. We isolate platelets from a sample of your blood in this procedure and then inject them into an area to facilitate cell growth. These injections can heal injuries faster, limit chronic pain and even provide aesthetic improvements for some patients.

Ozone Therapy

The body thrives on oxygen, and these treatments provide Ozone (or o3), which contains an extra oxygen molecule, to a problem area. This extra oxygen can reduce swelling, kill harmful substances and also encourage healing.

Do you think regenerative medicine could be a fit for your overall health plan? Give us a call or book a consultation online today and we will help determine if these treatments are right for you.