When people seek cosmetic improvements in their appearance, there are many different methods to choose from but it’s important to pick the one right for your situation and with the least amount of potential side effects. At FIX Medical Group, we offer cosmetic procedures which are in line with our overall mission of providing health solutions using natural, minimally-invasive methods.

Whether you are searching for a solution to help with hair restoration, facial features, and/or body shape, our team offers non-surgical solutions to help you achieve your goals through proven and natural methods. In conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, we’re confident these procedures will be effective for you.



What cosmetic services do you offer?

Our services focus on healing the body naturally, and we’re happy to offer three state-of-the-art cosmetic procedures in our local health facility in addition to our full list of healing methods including chiropractic care, physical therapy, and more.

Body Contouring

Many patients come to us with the goal of improving their overall health. In addition to our care for injuries and pain, we also provide proactive health services and create wellness plans for many patients. Many of our patients are dedicated and work hard to see results, and even though their health improves sometimes eliminating the last layer of fat is very difficult.

In this case, body contouring is a great solution. This treatment uses a special device that generates heat targeted at fat cells. The heat kills the cells and helps your body remove them naturally, removing fat from many common problem areas on a person’s body.


Platelet-Rich Plasma Facials and Hair Restoration

The human body has amazing self-healing properties, and this natural healing can be applied directly to problem areas to treat injuries, speed up recoveries and even improve appearance.

Platelets are found in any person’s blood, and they are vital to the healing process any time someone is injured. Platelets signal the body to repair and grow new cells in an injured area and help you heal any time you are hurt.

Modern medical advances have allowed us to isolate platelets from someone’s own blood and then apply them back into the body to promote cell growth by injecting them directly into the desired location. When people are injured, we can inject platelets to help them heal. When people are seeking aesthetic improvements, platelets can help there as well.

By injecting platelets into wrinkles, dark spots, acne scars, and other common facial issues, the cells can begin to grow and thrive, producing noticeable improvements. When injected into hair follicles, platelets can cause these cells to grow and thrive again to reverse balding patterns.

What are the advantages of these services?

We offer non-surgical, medication-free, and minimally-invasive methods of cosmetic improvement. This means patients can experience great results without having to go through extensive recovery times or worry about potential side effects associated with medication.

If you’re seeking cosmetic improvements and want to try one of these proven techniques, give us a call or book your consultation online today.