As the body ages and changes, it can stop producing certain hormones which can cause discomfort and potential health issues. This is most common in women who begin the menopausal process, and hormone replacement therapy has been used throughout the years to help with the symptoms which surround these changes.

Even though hormone replacement therapy has been in place for many years, there are questions surrounding its use and purpose. For people who might benefit from this treatment, there are many questions which are frequently asked, and we’re going to attempt to answer those today.

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What is hormone replacement therapy?

Hormone replacement therapy seeks to treat the symptoms of menopause by introducing a form of estrogen or progesterone into the body. These two substances help a female’s body control her reproductive system and also regulate the body’s calcium use.

The goal of introducing estrogen and/or progesterone is to help patients who are experiencing discomfort or health risks as a result of the body stopping their production naturally.

While most commonly used to treat women going through menopause to help with their comfort levels and ensure their bones remain strong, the introduction of testosterone into men with lower levels is also referred to as hormone replacement therapy.

Who can benefit from hormone replacement therapy?

There are many people who can benefit from hormone replacement therapy. While most commonly used for women who experience hormone changes naturally during menopause, hormone replacement therapy can be used for anyone who has an imbalance, which can happen earlier in life for many people.

If you are experiencing discomfort, lack of motivation, confusion, or any number of symptoms, it’s possible you have a hormone imbalance. An experienced medical professional can help determine if hormone replacement therapy might be right for you.

Is hormone replacement therapy the same for everyone?

The method of treatment and type of hormones to be given to a patient can vary significantly depending on a person’s symptoms and/or conditions.

Hormones can be administered via a cream, shot, or patch and can include synthetic or bioidentical versions of estrogen, progesterone, or testosterone.

Is hormone replacement therapy safe?

Throughout the years there have been conflicting reports on the safety of hormone replacement therapy. While some have claimed there is an increased risk of cancer, recent research shows those claims might not be true and the benefits can outweigh any potential risk.

Hormone replacement therapy is a complex medical practice and should only be administered by a professional. When done correctly, this therapy can be safe and effective in helping people live more comfortably.

If you have questions about hormone replacement therapy, our professional team at FIX Medical Group will be happy to help.