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Two people can have the same weight and fitness goals, but that doesn’t mean they can both follow the same plan. That’s why the team at FIX Medical Group in San Diego, California, and Scottsdale, Arizona, use the InBody device to evaluate body composition. The results obtained from InBody allow the team to create nutrition and fitness plans that are truly personalized to help you lose fat, build muscle, or both. Call the nearest FIX Medical Group office today or connect using the online booking feature to schedule an appointment.

What is InBody?

InBody is a high-tech scale that measures your body’s composition using bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA). BIA works by sending painless, low-level electrical currents through your body and measuring the rate at which they travel through the tissues.

The electrical current goes through muscles, bones, fluids, and fat at different rates. Body fat slows (impedes) the flow compared with the other tissues.

As you stand on the InBody scale and hold two handpieces, the device detects changes in the electrical current. It uses those changes to determine your body composition.

What information does the InBody device provide?

Your InBody analysis breaks your total weight down into four categories:

Total body water

The InBody device determines the amount of water and whether it’s inside or outside cells. An increase in extracellular water (outside cells) often reflects inflammation.

Dry lean mass

Dry lean mass refers to the weight of protein and minerals. An increase in dry lean mass reflects more muscle mass.

Lean body mass

Lean body mass reflects the combined weight of your body water and dry lean mass. In other words, everything that’s not fat. If lean body mass increases while dry lean mass stays the same, you’re accumulating water. 

Body fat mass

This shows the percentage of total body fat and where it’s located. Carrying weight inside your gut and around your organs (visceral fat) poses a more significant health risk than fat just below your skin (subcutaneous fat).

How does InBody guide treatment decisions?

The details obtained from InBody are vital for creating personalized fitness plans. Your FIX Medical Group provider works closely with you, reviewing your results and discussing what they mean for your overall health and fitness.

They can do additional testing for other variables that significantly affect your body composition. For example, it often helps to have a nutritional analysis and learn if you have hormone imbalances.

Instead of focusing on losing pounds, InBody allows your provider to create a nutrition and fitness plan that supports all your goals, whether that’s losing fat, building muscle, or both.

If you’re ready to optimize your body and improve your health, call FIX Medical Group today or use the online booking feature.