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ARP Wave

ARP Wave services offered in Mission Valley and Rancho Bernardo, San Diego, CA and Scottsdale, Scottsdale, AZ

You can achieve accelerated recovery performance (ARP) with treatment from the innovative ARPwave®. The team at FIX Medical Group has helped many patients overcome pain from muscle and nerve injuries with electrical stimulation using the ARPwave device. Ready to get relief from ongoing pain? Request an appointment using online booking or by calling the nearest office in San Diego, California, or Scottsdale, Arizona, today.

What is ARPwave?

ARPwave is a device that does two jobs. First, it identifies the source of your pain, finding injured tissues and damaged nerves that can’t communicate properly. After finding the root cause, your provider uses the device to treat the tissues with low-level electrical currents.

The electrical current produced by the ARPwave device is designed to penetrate deep below the surface where it:

  • Stimulates the nerves
  • Creates new nerve communication
  • Regulates the healing process
  • Breaks down existing scar tissue
  • Prevents new scarring
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Increases circulation
  • Improves mobility
  • Promotes healing
  • Relaxes muscles
  • Prevents muscle loss (from lack of use)

Your ARPwave therapy is combined with carefully designed range-of-motion and exercise techniques to speed your recovery. Many people can avoid surgery after ARPwave treatment.

When would I need ARPwave treatment?

ARPwave is safe for all ages and can help anyone with a musculoskeletal injury or disease. For example, ARPwave improves healing and pain in people with arthritis, ligament tears, meniscus injuries, and neurological disorders.

ARPwave helps people going through rehab after orthopedic surgery. Your provider could also recommend ARPwave sessions before athletic activities. As the electrical current relaxes muscles, they’re better able to absorb the force created when you move, which prevents injuries and reduces pain caused by intense muscle activity.

Electrical stimulation is especially beneficial for diseases, injuries, and surgeries that increase your risk for muscle loss (atrophy). Athletes often experience significant muscle loss and weakness after surgery to reconstruct their anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). Getting ARPwave therapy not only prevents muscle loss but also boosts muscle strength.

FIX Medical Group advises against this treatment if you have an implanted electrical device like a pacemaker, a history of blood clots, or you’re pregnant.

What should I expect during ARPwave treatments?

During your first appointment, your FIX Medical Group provider carefully evaluates your body and identifies problem areas. Then your ongoing sessions include two parts: electrical treatment and exercise.

Your provider also discusses lifestyle habits that support your treatment sessions. They give you nutritional advice and recommend healthy meals containing the nutrients and proteins your body needs to heal. Sometimes, they’ll ask you to temporarily increase your protein intake.

Don’t keep struggling with pain or put up with a long recovery. Call FIX Medical Group today or request an appointment online to discover if ARPwave can help.