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Active Release Technique

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Active Release Technique

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When you can’t get relief from the ongoing pain of an overuse injury, it’s time to consider the active release technique (ART®). The certified ART providers at FIX Medical Group have extensive experience targeting the source of your pain and implementing a personalized ART protocol that eases your symptoms. The only thing better than pain relief is getting that relief in a few short ART sessions. Use the online booking feature today or call the nearest FIX Medical Group office in San Diego, California, or Scottsdale, Arizona, to schedule your ART consultation.

What is the active release technique?

ART is a hands-on treatment that finds adhesions causing your pain, then uses specific movements to release the adhesions, easing your pain and restoring function. Adhesions happen when scar tissue forms in muscles, ligaments, tendons, and fascia (the sheet of connective tissue covering muscles and organs).

Scar tissue develops as soft tissues heal from injuries. In some cases, scar tissue forms between two surfaces, causing them to stick together that’s an adhesion.

Adhesions become a source of pain and immobility. ART releases the adhesions, restoring movement.

When would I need the active release technique?

FIX Medical Group tailors ART to treat adhesions in any part of your body. They often treat adhesions from overuse injuries suffered when athletic, work, and everyday activities require repetitive movement.

They frequently use ART for athletes anxious to recover and return to play. But anyone who hasn’t been able to get pain relief through conventional therapy might improve with ART. Your FIX Medical Group provider lets you know if ART is a good choice after completing a physical exam.

What happens during an active release technique session?

For the first step, your certified ART provider at FIX Medical Group uses a hands-on diagnostic technique. They touch areas around your pain, gently pushing with their hands to find the damaged soft tissues.

After identifying the problem, they determine the movement to use to release the tissues. ART providers have hundreds of different movements they can use to customize each person’s treatment.

ART treatments combine specific patient positions and movements with manual pressure from your provider. They explain the position you need to take and the movement to make while they stretch and manipulate the damaged tissues.

As you move, they can feel the targeted adhesion, allowing them to treat the restricted soft tissues more precisely.

How many active release technique sessions will I need?

ART sessions typically last 15 minutes. Most patients notice a significant difference after their first treatment. However, achieving the best results usually takes up to five sessions.

Call FIX Medical Group today or use the online booking feature if you have questions or want to schedule a consultation.