Athletes often push their bodies to the limits when trying to perform at a high level in their respective sports, and this can lead to potential health issues, injuries and chronic pain if the athlete isn’t under the care of a qualified professional.

Our team at FIX Medical Group has a wealth of experience dealing with the unique issues which many athletes face, and we have helped countless athletes stay on the field longer, get back in the game after injuries and perform at their peak by using our proven medical techniques.

We focus on holistic healing for all our patients, including athletes, and we can offer a wide range of services to address any issues you are facing on the field or court.




Included with Follow up treatment




Included with Follow up treatment


How can FIX help heal sports injuries?

We have experience in many natural healing methods, including physical and massage therapy, chiropractic care, wellness care and more effective ways to address certain issues. When an athlete suffers an injury, some medical professionals might suggest introducing a new medication or surgical intervention, but our team focuses on the body’s natural healing abilities and the use of non-invasive practices to facilitate healing.

Depending on the injury, we can send targeted care to the affected area of the body and also address the systems of the body which work together to produce healing and maximum performance. We use both time-tested and cutting-edge procedures in our office, and we can create a plan to address your specific issues with no side effects which can accelerate recovery time and get you back on the field.

Can working with FIX improve my performance?

It’s our mission to help our patients reach their ultimate health goals, and if you are working with us to become the best version of yourself then we can try to incorporate treatment which can improve your game as well. From improving your range of motion and flexibility to coaching you through the strengthening of key muscle groups which impact your sport, we can offer targeted expertise to help you on and off the field.

What happens during an evaluation?

We are a patient-focused practice, and this is evident from the first time you visit our facility. Instead of examining you and recommending a treatment plan just based on your symptoms, we take a deep dive into your health using the most reliable source we have: you! Our team listens to, learns from and examines patients before recommending a treatment plan, and we only proceed after the patient has expressed their understanding and willingness to move forward with the treatment we recommend.

We promote the use of functional medicine, which is in line with the goals of our athletes, and we help create an entire health plan to allow you to reach your ideal health status.

If you’re ready to get back on the field, stay in the game or become a better athlete, give us a call or book your consultation online today.